Dave & Peggy

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A little about me:

I came to Alaska in 1969 and have always lived in the Interior but have been fortunate enough to travel to many areas of this Great Land. I am a graduate of the Alaska Public School System. Peggy and I married in 1975 and raised our two children in the Denali Borough. The kids, their spouses, and our 7 grandchildren live in Healy. 

I've been a coal miner, small business owner and involved in local government. I am fortunate to have been successful in career choices, and someone recently told me I was "lucky". I assure you that the harder I work, the "luckier" I get!


 Clear Sky Sportsman's Club

 Alaska Miner's Association

Denali Sportsman's Association

National Rifle Association

As we continue to deal with building a future for young Alaskan's, it will require deliberate and thoughtful consideration and a steady hand. Our potential is nearly limitless but we must be firm delivering the message to all who might think otherwise, Alaskan's will guide the destiny of our great state.